Friday, December 2, 2011

RI boy stabbed after staring incident


Photo from The New Paper

Two Raffles Institution boys were attacked by another group of young people in Potong Pasir. Don Tan ,17 and Anand were attacked. Anand was stabbed while Don managed to flee.

These "gangsters" who did the stabbing should be punished severely. Since they behave like animals, they should be treated like animals. Let them go into the prison and get raped by other convicts.


I wonder why they are looking for this Wong Wai Khim.

Is he missing?


Anyway, I really detest STOMP.

STOMP is not doing society a favour because --

1. Stompers take snapshots/screenshots of teenagers' rants on Facebook and post them up on STOMP, a national gossip news website. This is very detrimental to the mental state of teenagers. At such a tender age, they might not be able to handle the attention and criticisms from STOMP netizens.

2. Stompers are self-righteous people who take photos of commuters who apparently don't give up priority seats. These Stompers assume a lot. Maybe these commuters are tired or sick? Or maybe these commuters honestly did not see the needy people?

3. Stompers are going for the $50 reward and they are willing to fake photos/stories or indiscriminately take secret photos of others.

4. Stompers make Singaporeans feel so scared and uptight whenever we're on public transport.


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