Monday, August 1, 2011

NTU student uses F word in speech. Appropriate or not?

NTU Valedictorian uses the "Fuck" word in her speech and causes a stir.

Some people say it was inappropriate. Some say it was acceptable. If you saw her video, she said the Fuck word out of joy and excitement.

Seriously people need to relax a bit and not get so uptight about everything.

Conservative people are uncomfortable with the Fuck word, but that doesn't mean we have to "live" by their standards every time. The world belongs to BOTH conservative and liberal people.

Moreover, not everyone finds the Fuck word vulgar. It is very subjective.

And what is considered "vulgar" changes over the time.

Hello, in the 60s, LONG HAIR was considered vulgar in Singapore. And many religious people found rock music vulgar in the 80s too.

Now? Who fucking cares about long hair and rock music? You can have long hair as long as Rapunzel and no one will fucking care!

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