Monday, July 11, 2011

I preach love, you pay cash

Fanciful lights and sound systems that can fetch up to $90,000 are a must in many Singapore churches nowadays.

The Straits Times ran an article "Not a preacher, but people treat him like one" about young religious people in Singapore and the article also highlighted the extravagant high life of one young christian preacher.

Singapore christians are catching up fast with the megachurch phenomenon in the USA. The preachers and pastors here are becoming "celebrity preachers" and living "cool" lifestyles to attract younger followers, just like their US counterparts.

I think it's ok to be rich and prosperous in whatever you do. But the problem here is, how can you ask your lower-income church members to tithe 10% of their low incomes monthly and then continue to take their money to fund your high life, your expensive cars and your condos?

Doesn't your conscience prick you when you preach about love and kindness?

And it's not just the megachurches. I personally know pastors from small churches in Singapore who own cars and stay in private estates.

Well, when you preach about love and kindness and you see this poor and elderly woman giving her 10% tithe monthly to your church, do you still have the heart to take her money?

When you preach about love and kindess and you see this poor mother struggling to support her 3 children tithing 10% of her little income, can you still bear to spend $90,000 on fanciful lights and sound systems for your church?

Just wondering : Where is the love?

Yes there are a lot of christian preachers in Singapore who live simple lives. But what about these preachers who lead high and expensive lives while their lower income members tithe?

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