Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can I prove the non-existence of God(s)?

Is it logical to tell atheists to "prove god(s) does not exist"?

No, it is not logical. No one goes around proving a negative.

No one in his right sanity goes around proving a negative.

There is no empirical evidence to start with. There is NOTHING to start with. So how we supposed to prove the non-existence of a negative?

Take for example a fairy.

Fairies have been mentioned in books, in many cultures and even believed and worshiped by people. Yet there is NOT a single shred of empirical evidence to prove that fairies exist.

So now, do we ask scientists to prove the non-existence of fairies?

How are we supposed to prove a negative when there's nothing there?

If someone claims he/she encountered a fairy, it is UP to the claimant to prove his/her claim. He/she should not be asking others to prove that fairies don't exist.

It's just illogical.

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