Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What truly makes us happy?

Alone in Bangkok. Second day of business trip.

Many things seem glamourous when you don't have it.

When I was still young, I always thought business trips were full of glamour and style. Well LOTS of people think it's cool.

But we are all wrong.

It is far from glamourous. Sure you get a nice hotel room and you get ferried everywhere but there are also the long tiring meetings, lots of socialising-drinking, and you have to smile so much your face might get cramped up.

You can desire this and that. You want that glamourous thing. We want everything in the world. And when we get what we always wanted, we realise it is always not as good as we thought it to be.

More than often, we forget that we are happiest when we are contented with what we have right now.

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