Sunday, June 26, 2011

Walking on water - A Miracle?

Several magicians and illusionists have "walked on water" over the past few years.

Now, are they truly divine or can this "walk-on-water-thing" be achieved easily?

I personally have successfully walked on water. Don't believe me? See below image.

Yes that's me walking on water!

This is how "walking on water" can be achieved -

1. Find a spot in the water where there are rocks.

2. Find a rock that has the same height has the water level.

3. Stand on the rock and move around and ta-da! You look like you are walking on water!

4. Or simply wear customised floating shoes, like what some of the illusionists do.

So, when you HEAR or THINK someone actually walked on water, think again.

Is that person divine or did he just use a simple technique?

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