Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nightingale Nursing Home Abuse

Image from Mediacorp

I saw the recent video of staff from Nightingale Nursing Home abusing an elderly woman on Youtube.

And the first comment from a Youtube user was "They should not have sent their mother to the nursing home in the first place."

This user obviously has not grown up and has a very naive view of the world.

Some people are forced to send their mother to nursing homes because they have to work the whole day to foot the medical bills and are unable to care for their elderly parents at home.

And only nursing homes can provide good care for their elderly parents. Some people do not want to hire maids because nursing homes are more reliable.

Not everyone who sends their parents to nursing homes are ungrateful bastards. Some are COMPELLED to send them to nursing homes because that is the best option in their situation.

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