Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is Atheism a religion?

When I talk to people about religion and atheism, there seem to be a lot of misconceptions of atheism. Therefore I will try to clear some of these misconceptions below.

1. "Isn't atheism just a religion, with a set of beliefs?"

Answer: Religion is a belief in and reverence for supernatural forces known as God or Gods. Simply put, atheism is just a LACK of belief in Gods because of LACK of empirical evidence. Atheists do not have a set of organised beliefs like religion does. Some atheists stand by evolution and big bang theory while some atheists do not. But what atheists have in common is the lack of belief in all Gods.

2. "Do atheists worship the devil?"

Answer: No we don't. Atheists lack belief in the existence of supernatural entities, and that includes angels.

3. "Atheists cannot prove that there is no God(s)."

Answer: Yes we cannot prove there is no God(s) because no one can prove a NEGATIVE! No one can prove something that has no traces of itself. Can you prove that there are no Unicorns flying around in space? There is a big difference between "there is no proof of any Gods" and "proving there is no god".

4. "Do atheists only lack belief in the Christian God?"

Answer: No, atheists lack belief in all Gods.

Alright. I hope I helped people understand more about atheism. Atheists are merely people who lack belief in supernatural entities. But if evidence proves otherwise, we would gladly explore the possibilities!


  1. That's the same thing Penn Jillette explains in his essay There is no God. He also points out how it is easy to be an atheist, and how you may not be able to prove a negative, but it isn't nessicary.

  2. Hi Garrett Forgerlie

    Yea. Actually christians are also atheists. They are atheist towards the thousands of gods in the world, except for well, the christian god.

    Haha. They disbelieve in one less god than us!