Monday, June 27, 2011


Imagine you are preparing fop a once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas trip with your boyfriend and he also hinted the day before that he would propose to you during the trip. You get all excited and make sure you prepared everything for the trip. You are so happy knowing that your beloved is going to marry you.

But alas! The next day when you guys are supposed to meet, he leaves you a letter and tells you he wants to break up and that he's not going for the trip anymore. You chase after him with your luggage and jumps in front of his cab. He gets out, opens your luggage and throws your clothes everywhere so that you cannot chase after him.

You beg him to stay and clutch the air ticket tightly. You cry and beg but he boards the cab and never turns back. You are left standing there with all your clothes on the ground and the air ticket.

How would you feel?

Main actor is from well-acclaimed film, Eternal Summer

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