Saturday, June 18, 2011

Homosexuality and Religion

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I was on a local forum recently and the hot topics of homosexuality and religion came up.

If you guys did not know, there is going to be an event held at Hong Lim Park today. And this event is to gather open-minded Singaporeans to raise awareness of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender) community in Singapore. Yes it's Pink Dot Event 2011.

So the topic was about Pink Dot 2011 and some religious people started to post very negative comments about LGBT people.

They quoted their religious books and said that LGBT people would end up in hell and that LGBT people are useless and should never exist on this earth.

Some even go as far as saying that homosexuality is a disease and LGBT people should be "healed".

To the religious people, I have a few things to say --

1. Homosexuals are humans too and there is no need to post hateful comments or discriminate them.

2. Homosexuality is not a disease. There is ample of evidence pointing towards homosexuality being genetic. Even MM Lee and PM Lee acknowledged that homosexuality is most probably genetic and we should live and let live.

3. Homosexuality has always been around. It has been around way before Christianity, Islam or Judaism ever existed. Your colleague, superior, cousin, best friend, sister, brother or father might be a secret homosexual.

4. Religious views are PERSONAL OPINION and not universal truths. A Muslim's personal belief is Allah. A Christian's personal belief is Jesus. A Sikh's personal belief is his God. So a religious person should NOT enforce his religious views onto others.

5. And to the person who said that LGBT people would end up in hell - Jesus says to not judge, for those who judge would be in the pits of hell.

Thank you.

Before you assume, I am not gay. I just feel that we have to be fair in how we treat homosexuals.

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