Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cats massaging

I was playing with a stray cat just now. It was a fat cat with black, brown spots.

It came up my tummy, lay down and started massaging my tummy.

So when I came back, I tried to find out what the "massaging" meant


And this is what I found out -

"That loud purring followed by the sharpening of claws on some soft spot of your body is called "milk-treading." When you relax and sit quietly, you're giving your cat the same signal he got from his mother when he was a kitten - that his mother was ready to let him suckle. A nursing kitten instinctively uses his paws to draw out the milk, gently pushing on his mother's stomach to increase the milk flow. When older cats behave this way, it's a good sign that they're happy, content, and probably recalling their kittenhood."

Cute. Very cute. Yes cats do massage you!

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