Friday, June 24, 2011

Atheists are angry with the gods?

Why do christians always automatically assume that atheists (ex-christians) are angry with god and that's why we left the religion?

They are so wrong! We left the religion not because we are angry with some invisible man "up there". I LEFT because I could not agree with many things in the bible (errors, inconsistencies).

Evidence has convinced me that god(s) does not exist for now. And many ex-christians left the religion because of the same reason.

I am NOT angry with the christian god because to me, a supernatural and invisible entity does not exist. So it is not possible to be angry with someone who does not exist.

Also a lot of my christians friends believe that atheists believe in nothing just because we do not believe in gods and that we live very sad lives.

Not believing in gods does not make us sad people! We still believe in things - real things and real people. I believe in my family and friends, in the love and kindness of humankind. I believe the airplane and tv are real! I believe in doing things to my best capability!

Atheists are normal human beings who left their previous religion, not some immoral "demonic" people!

Not everyone has to believe in the bible or the jewish-christian god!

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