Thursday, May 12, 2011

Priority Seats

An old man by the name of Jason Wang posted this photo online of a young man who refused to give up the "priority" seat to him. Ok, well the young man was being inconsiderate. But Mr Wang, why can't you be gracious and kind enough not to take his photo without his permission? And when you post his photo and subject him to tremendous shame, how kind are you as a human being?

And as if the damage was not enough when he posted it online, Jason Wang went on to email this photo to the young man's company, SMRT and the newspaper.

Jason Wang, you were out to make him suffer a hell lot and that does not speak very well of your own character. Gracious and kind? Pui!

A take on Priority Seats in our MRT

Everyone has the right to sit on the Priority Seat. Young, old, fat, thin, man, woman, pregnant, child, adult, whatever. But when a young healthy person sees someone who needs the seat more, then please give the seat up.

Yes and young people who do not give up seats to the needy are inconsiderate.

BUT WAIT. There are EXCEPTIONS. Sometimes, the sleeping young person on the seat is GENUINELY tired after a hard day's work. Or probably the young person offered his seat to the "needy person" but he/she rejected the offer.

So don't assume ANYTHING when you see a young person sitting at the "Priority Seat".

If need be, ask him why he's not giving up his seat to the "needy person" instead of secretly taking his photograph and posting it up on stupid websites like STOMP.

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