Friday, May 6, 2011

Do not mix religion with politics

Tomorrow, Singapore will vote.

And I am voting for the first time. I am so EGG-cited! Voting is important because ultimately the power goes back to the people.

So who are you voting for?

I saw someone I used to hang out with post this statement on Facebook -- He said "As for me, it's Romans 13 and the phrase, 'Don't bite the hand that fee
ds you'."

As you could have guessed, this person is a supporter of the PAP and implied that we should not be "ungrateful" towards PAP which has brought Singapore to where she is today.

I am sorry, mixing religion with politics is just wrong. Also, CLOUDING your vote decision with your religion also distorts a lot of facts.

When we use our religion to vote, we vote blindly. We vote whoever is from our religion. For example. If I am a Buddhist, I vote for Buddhist candidates only. This is just wrong. We cannot allow our religion to cloud our judgement. Yes I am a Buddhist but if this Buddhist candidate sucks, then I will NOT vote for him.

I rather vote for a Hindu or Muslim candidate who can understand the people and deliver his promises.

So don't mix your religion with politics. It's a poison. Look at America. They only vote for Christian presidents no matter how good a Muslim/Hindu candidate can be.

Let's not be like them. Let us be sane.

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