Friday, August 6, 2010

Is the Youth Olympics really a BIG event?

The Youth Olympic Games seems to be a very BIG thing for the world and Singapore.

Well, I think it is quite a big thing for Singapore but is it really a BIG thing for the world?

Just take a look at the international press and you will know if it's really an important event, judging by its coverage.

As of today, international media coverage of the YOG is minimal. I am not talking about Singapore media. Of course Singapore media will blow it up and report on it almost everyday. But if we read newspapers or websites from all the other countries in the world, this supposedly "international" event isn't so important as to make it to their newspapers or news channel.

If you have PAYTV at home, watch the international news channel. None of them are really talking about the YOG. I guess YOG, compared to the real Olympics or World Cup, is like a children's sports carnival on the world stage.

So in reality, the Youth Olympics Games is not a very significant event on the world stage, yet. Moreover, if you watch the crappy show The Noose, you will realise many Singaporeans interviewed do not even know about YOG. Well, we don't give a fucking hoot.

A poll by Channelnewsasia showcasing Singaporeans' enthusiasm for YOG

Comments from 2 people from an international forum --->

"No, it is not [a big event].The IOC did not think this through before holding the Games.In track there were World Championships this year, and many of the same athletes are competing again.However, the Youth Olympic Games are not using the same format or qualifying.They are taking athletes from regions rather than countries, and everyone runs in a finals after the prelims.It sounds like a mess and it has not had the advertising necessary to gain world support or interest."

"Well, I don't think it's very big yet, judging from the news coverage its received so far in the lead up to it.Unfortunately, here in Singapore nearly 90% of people polled (on a news website) said "they are not interested at all"Its easy to understand why because there aren't any famous names to tie to it. Seems like the kids olympics or a mega sports day."

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