Sunday, August 1, 2010

We should be like dogs

After knowing my friend's dog for more than a year, I really think there are many things we can learn from a dog.

- Always waiting for the owner to come back home.

- After getting scolded, doesn't hold grudges. Instead jumps over to you excitedly the next minute

- Doesn't bite you or fight back when being scolded. Walks away quietly

- Waits patiently and quietly for the next "play time"

- Looks at the owner longingly and lovingly, no matter when, no matter what

- Cuddles up to the owner when the owner is sad or angry

- Just listening intently and never giving an opinion when the owner talks to it


Why can't we just behave like a dog sometimes?

WE ALWAYS have to

- complain why our wife/husband comes home late

- hold grudges and seek revenge and go into cold war mode after an argument

- fight, shout and retort

- always asking for more time, more attention and more of what we want

- looks at people with bias

- be too busy to accompany our loved ones when they're down

- give a second opinion and not listening intently

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