Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A tribute for a dead friend

I was reading someone's blog. Been some time I went there but decided just to check it out a little.

I felt sad when I read the blog. This friend of mine, (well used to be a friend, now no longer in contact) is just so caught up with beliefs and religion that he/she is losing him/herself.

Here's a poem for my dead friend. My friend's dead. Killed by religion.

A tribute for a dead friend

All I see about you is a set of beliefs and a foreign mythology you adopted
And for years and years, you blabber on and on and on about him, him and him.

You used to be different, different from the rest.
You used to have a voice of your own but now it's drowning away bit by bit.

You think you are you when you speak for your adopted beliefs.
But adopted beliefs are still adopted beliefs and will never be part of you.
You think you are made righteous and you think you are better off
But you failed to see the beauty of mankind since of old.

Why O why has this thing clouded your sight?
Why O why have your beliefs made you think that you have seen it all?

For many of us, we think you have not seen anything at all, though you think you have.
Your life stopped when you adopted that precious, mythological little book.

And now you can only tell of how you enjoyed your life in the past,
and how you gained a more fulfilling life now.

But have you really seen life?
For there are a million perspectives and a million other beliefs you have not seen.

Alas! Your life has but stopped
And you do not even realise it.

And all you blabber about today is
him, him, him and him.

Now for a moment please look carefully in the mirror,
Because you would see nothing but a dead copy of what you believe.

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  1. But who are we to criticize someone else's beliefs?