Friday, July 23, 2010

Megachurch vs Smallchurch

Last Saturday's Straits Times did a few pages of feature about Megachurches VS Small churches in Singapore.

Megachurch - 2000 members and above

I can do a personal summary of the article -

1. Megachurches and small churches in Singapore are apparently fighting for each other's "sheep".

Are churches in Singapore snatching each other's sheep?

2. Of recent years, there has been an increase in the number of small churches BUT the number of Christians in Singapore has not grown significantly. This shows that many churches might be splitting.

3. Most of the time, Singapore small churches split because of doctrine issues, space and in attempts to attract more members.

4. "Doing Church" in Singapore has basically evolved into "Doing Business" over the years. It's basically a business of who has more members, more sound and music equipment, more tithes and offerings, more outreaches and publicity.

Churches big or small in Singapore are trying to gain more members with state-of-the-art sound and light systems (image from city harvest)

5. Small churches in Singapore are struggling to stay afloat because many of their members are church-hopping to churches with better sound and music equipment, lights and more comfortable service halls.

6. Megachurches in Singapore are growing at the expense of other churches.

7. Revenue of senior pastors in some megachurches are ridiculously high - a few million of dollars per year

8. On one hand, small churches criticise megachurches in Singapore for going after riches and prosperity. On the other, pastors of megachurches in Singapore criticise small churches of being out of touch. There is an ongoing doctrinal fight between megachurches and small churches in Singapore

9. I don't give a damn about whether you're a megachurch or small church. Just don't try tear down other religions in Singapore.

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