Saturday, April 17, 2010

We aren't that smart afterall

I have been thinking about this.

Some people always say humans are more special and that we are smarter than beasts and animals.

Some of us say we are so smart, our brains are so much bigger than the animals and that we are capable of ADVANCED technology, (note that animals are capable of basic technology too) education and many other things.

Simple technology

Personally, I so wish we HAD a special touch too. But this just isn't the case. We aren't special or smarter.

In fact, our so-called "intelligence" is going to bring upon our own destruction.

We have become so "smart" at technology and making use of the earth's resources, we are now over-using the earth's resources and destroying it at a very fast pace.

So now are we really that smart?

It's like a machine that has spiralled out of control. And we and our brains are out of control. We develop, build and build and build and build and burn and burn more and more trees for our papers, burn more fuel for our bug buildings and in the end, we might become extinct much faster than any other species on earth.

The dinosaurs did not have advanced technology. They did not need cars, roads or buildings and they had smaller brains relatively. They led a simple life. They came, ate, hunted, lived, grew, multiplied and died and yet they lived for millions of years.

Human civilisation - 10,000 years old. And we are already destroying ourselves.

Smart? Special?

I don't think so. Can we even run faster than a horse?

Can we even survive in the wild and outsmart the leopard?

Or in this case, a bloody, fat hippo?

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