Sunday, April 25, 2010

The most useful animal - PIG

To the Chinese people (whether in China, Taiwan, Singapore, HK, America, Malaysia etc) there is no other animal more useful than the pig. 

Why do I say that? 

Because every part of the pig is being used. And I mean EVERY part. Almost.

For consumption -

Pig meat, basically pork (pork chop, BBQ pork, roasted pork etc)

Pig skin (below, fried skin sold in China)

Pig brain (below tonic pig brain soup)

Pig intestines, stomach (with black sauce)
Pig heart
Pig ears
Pig tail
Pig lungs
Pig liver (with soup or stir fried)

Whole pig (below, used in Chinese wedding dinners 
and as an offering to Chinese gods and some places in Europe)

Pig trotters
Pig bones (with soup)
Pig lard (for seasoning)

For other uses -

Pig skin - for sole of shoes, or even wallets

Whole pig - Below, In mythology and the Chinese religions, the pig is sometimes an icon

Pig head - And not forgetting, illegal loansharks in Singapore hang pig heads outside the homes of people who owe them money. (o_o'')


I think only the eyes, nose, teeth and butt are not usable. But who knows, somewhere in this world, someone might be eating pig's eyes, nose, teeth and butt.

So I conclude, the PIG is the most useful animal on earth. Not the dog, not the cat, not the chimpanzees, not the horse or the cow.

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