Monday, April 5, 2010

Feral Children

I recently learned about feral children. They are children who are either grow up without the care of human parents OR grow up under the care of animals like wolves, monkeys etc.

These children have been found in jungles living with animals and when they are found, most of them behave like animals, growling, barking, going on all fours and cannot understand the human language.

So far, of all the recent cases I read, there seem to be one authentic case.

Lyokha - Wolf boy from Russia.

Lyokha was found in the jungles of Russia with wolves. He had very long claw-like nails, sharp teeth (because of eating raw meat) and moved about with his legs half-bent. He even snarled and

He was brought to a hospital by villagers but later escaped the police. He is still believed to be in the wild to this date.

Children without education and bringing up by human parents are just animals in a human body. Ultimately, we are all animals in the first place.
Education makes the difference!

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