Saturday, April 24, 2010

Destroy the earth

A group of physicists and scientists recently came up with a few ways to destroy the earth. Below is a list -

Putting the earth in between 2 black holes - 

Black holes, as we all know, suck in everything in its path. Even light and sound cannot escape its wrath. Put the earth in between 2 black holes and all of us will be torn apart and destroyed. But don't worry, the nearest black hole is 1600 light years away!

The solar system loses its gravitational forces and Mars crashes into earth -

Most of the earth would be smashed into pieces. The earth would also be ignited into flames from the impact. Even before the impact, most living things and infrastructure would have been destroyed by the pull of the 2 planets. Waves will rise to monstrous heights because of the gravitational pull of Mars. Be prepared, we'll die a horrible death. Well, for your information, earth did collide with another planet when it was first formed. Horrible. Earth was almost destroyed a few billions years ago, but well, it survived.

Earth stops spinning -

This is interesting. Imagine what happens when you're on a bus and the bus suddenly brakes to a stop. Everything flies forward. The earth spins at 107278km/h but we don't feel it because we are just too small. You don't really feel the aeroplane moving too when its flying right. So if earth suddenly stops, wind resistance, inertia and friction will d
estroy everything and reduce everything into ash. Buildings will crumble into fragments and we will just disintegrate.
The effects of inertia

Hurling the earth into our mighty Sun -

Even before impact, everything melts. Everything disintegrates. We know why. The Sun is just too hot. Just the outermost layer of the Sun, it's already 6000 degrees celsius. Water evaporates right before our eyes as we approach the Sun, even when we are very very very far away.

But don't worry. Earth will survive another few billion years before the Sun explodes and engulfs all of us. 

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  1. "The earth spins at 107278km/h"

    Really? I thought 1600 km/h. That seems a bit much lol