Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Changing your body

Some fitness instructors or models put in silicon pads under their chests or shoulders to look bigger and healthier, so as to get more jobs

In Singapore, the number of girls going for plastic surgery (be it face, breasts, or butt) is increasing, according to an interview aired on Channel News Asia today.

Plastic surgery is an interesting topic. Some say plastic surgery is bad because we should be happy with what we have. Some say plastic surgery is good because it can help a woman (or evey man) with her self-esteem and thus become a better person.

The surgeon interviewed was saying that technology is so advanced that girls nowadays can ask for specific shapes of breasts, not just increase volume.

He was also commenting that if plastic surgery helps a person feel better, then why not?

I personally agree with him. Plastic surgery or aesthetic change is basically just a change/correction/restoration to a part of the body form or function.

So going by this definition, putting braces, coloring of hair, losing weight and lyposuction are also processes that change the way we look to make ourselves feel better.

So why not? If you can wear braces, pluck out a few teeth to look better, why be against someone who goes under the knife and changes his nose bridge? Just because it's "under the knife"?

Then some other people will say that plastic surgery is dangerous and some people get deformed faces after that. Well, don't ALL surgeries have risks? And if he is a qualified, professional surgeon, there is no need for worry.

Bottomline, I think plastic surgery is like makeup or coloring of hair - changing the way we look to feel better, to look better.

I think society changes now and then and we need to re-evaluate what's acceptable and what's not.

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