Sunday, March 14, 2010


Regarding  Jack Neo's sex scandal case, really, we should just forgive him and move on. After all, we would all look like hypocrites if we start accusing him of being immoral.

When it comes to cheating, it's really a matter of whether the guy is exposed or not because we all know that Jack Neo is NOT the only guy who has cheated on his wife.

MANY (if not most) guys do cheat on their partners/girlfriends/wives, just that most guys are pretty good at covering up their tracks.

Really, I am not justifying infidelity or cheating. What I am saying is, though not acceptable publicly, cheating has been quite common ever since the start of human civilisation.

It's really a matter of whether the guy's deeds are exposed or not.

A "good" and "down-to-earth" guy might be cheating all his life, but might never be exposed because he's good at hiding, while a guy who cheated once or twice might be exposed because he is a celebrity.

So really, let the one who has no shortcomings be the first to accuse Jack Neo of being immoral.

After all, we all have our dirty secrets. AGAIN I say, it's just a matter of whether YOUR dirty deeds are exposed or not.

You can look like you're so clean on the outside or you might be the one going around exposing people's mistakes, but in the end, you might just be the biggest, dirtiest criminal around.

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