Friday, February 26, 2010

Humans aren't really any better than animals

The New Caledonian Crows are the only species that invent new tools using existing tools. 

These crows can make HOOKS out of twigs and then holding them with their beaks, dig out worms and insects from dead logs.

The other species that use tools are the primates. 

For example, gorillas are known to use bottles to store water when in captivity.

Chimpanzees also use twigs to dig out insects, but they do not create hooks like the clever crows do.

So the next time you think we are cleverer than animals, think again. We use tools yes, but they do it too.

We build planes to fly, birds fly freely using their own wings. Many birds even have an in-built radar in them.

We build cars to travel fast but wildebeests, zebras and many herbivores can cover long distances without the use of any sort of engines. Cheetahs and horses can outrun a car.

We build computers and technology to help ourselves with our daily lives.

The animals?

They rely on their instincts and they survive just as well!

Moral values? See how a mother lion cares for her cubs. See how a mother buffalo protects her calf. And then see how humans backbite each other.

Are we better than them? Not really, if you think about it. We are equal.

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