Friday, February 5, 2010

What is in a wedding ring?

I made a few Aunty friends recently.

And both told me that marriages do not work these days. One of them told me it's better to cohabit with your partner first and find out all his/her flaws before deciding on any marriage.

She said "Learn from the westerners."

I think there's some good point in what she said.

I know of an ang moh couple who stayed together for 20 years, has kids but never got "married". Never went to the Registry of Marriage and never had any certificate or ceremonies.

What for we ask? Afterall marriages bind you legally and causes a lot of unnecessary tensions.

Why not stay together first, find out more about each other, and if it works out, have kids? What is in a certificate or ceremony?

What is in a marriage when there are so many divorce cases?

What is marriage?

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