Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Those summer nights

Far away from you, I remember summer nights we spend together, by the sea counting stars, holding hands and making plans. How we wish we could just stop time there and then.

About Pastor Rony Tan

I wonder how many churches actually speak against other religions in their services?

Because of Pastor Rony Tan, Lighthouse is now removing any offensive videos/sermons that are in their archives.

6 years ago, I brought a Taoist friend to the church I was attending. (I no longer attend church) He was quite looking forward to it because he was quite curious.

But he left angrily at the end of the service and vowed to me that he will never return to any church.


Because that very day, the pastor of that service criticised Taoism and mocked at my friend's religion.

And my friend has not stepped into a church till today.

I really hope after the Pastor Rony Tan's case, pastors will really review their sermons, teach their sheep to respect other religions and guide their members to a more holistic view of the world, not a narrow-minded view.


  1. Now may be this that Pastor can't sleep well of stupid idea, he think in this world only know the religions, the others are stupid, this is kind of person can't peaceful and happy because find of problem

    Singapore is very nice of country but this stupid person make destroy, he don't know how make peace for country, this don't know how long can become normal because everythings what he done go inside the people mind.

    May be he want to clear the other religions out from Singapore, don't know he know or not, Singapore history or Buddhist history

    All countries in the world problem but he add more problem for country, this pastor police must take action to him.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I totally agree with you that people like pastor rony canb destroy the peace and happiness in Singapore. :)

    Where are you from?