Thursday, February 18, 2010


It was a pleasant surprise.
A small cake with my name on it. Designed by you specially, with little flowers of icing.
Thank you so much!
And please click on the Advertisment on top!

Resorts World Sentosa which houses a Casino and Universal Studios - Singapore's new playground!

Someone was caught stealing at Changi Airport after he lost everything at the newly opened Casino in Singapore.

Well, these are just problems of a Casino. But the PROS and advantages of a Casino outweigh the cons.

Casinos create jobs, thousands of them. From card dealers, waiters, security guards, cleaners to chefs. There is a need for human resource personnel, finanace executives and many more too.

Casinos boost tourism. The Resorts World Sentosa is expecting 13 million visitors for the first year alone!

So don't say Casinos are bad. It's just like saying Internet is bad because pornography is bad. :)

Porn is bad but doesn't mean Internet is bad too!

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