Sunday, February 28, 2010

Imagine a world where you cannot lie

The Invention of Lying is a movie about a world where no one tells a single lie. Everyone speaks the truth. And you would think it would be a beautiful world without lies?

Fat hope!

Imagine your employee telling you the truth that he doesn't like you because you're a sucky boss.

Imagine you are compelled to tell your best friend that her dress is horrible.

Imagine you can't lie and you have to tell the burglar where all your valuables are!

Oh because the world doesn't contain lies, you have to tell your teacher how much you hate her new hairdo!


Some people say lying isn't good and no one should lie.

I think we should beg to differ. This world is about a balance. Sometimes we HAVE to lie, and white lies might just save the day.

During World War 2, MANY Europeans had to hide Jews in their homes. When German soldiers came knocking on their doors in search of Jews, they had to LIE that they were not hiding any Jews.

I am someone who really hate liars and I personally try my best not to lie.

But when it's needed, I will tell a white lie.

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