Sunday, February 14, 2010

National Geographic is showing a series about Evolutions in February. We have been told that dinosaurs are extinct but are they really extinct? Are there species of them living amongst us today? Be sure to catch it. And rest assured, Nat Geo wouldn't show things that are nonsensical.

Archaeopteryx fossil - Archaeopteryx is a transitional species between dinosaurs and birds. Because it displays a number of features common to both birds and dinosaurs, Archaeopteryx has often been considered a link between them. Just because you don't understand evolution, doesn't mean it's not factual.


The first day of CNY this year is a very different one.

No VISITATIONS! First time in 25 years of my life. So instead, my family and I went to town, 313, coffee bean to slack and chill!

I tell you, my Mom started talking to us about the "clubs" in the past. They were called nightclubs then. And my brother, sister and I also updated her about how clubs are like these days. She was quite impressed when we told her there are security guards in clubs nowadays.

And she started telling us how they would go up on guys' cars for a spin just like that.

Laughed quite a bit with my siblings. Well no visitations but had a really good time with my family.

Tomorrow will be watching lion and dragon dance at my aunt's place. Well well.

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