Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Clean on the outside, dirty on the inside

My friend and I were discussing about Indians.

My friend's an Indian and she's a very modern Indian. You know, she doesn't wear sarees and doesn't really practice Hinduism.

Sometimes she wears short skirts and those devout Hindus will frown at her. Well she told me she doesn't care about what they say.

She said something that I really agree with.

Those who look devout or act devout might be the greatest sinner of all, you'll never know. So what if you go to the temple or church weekly? So what if you look devout or holy? So what if you cover yourself?

She said she could wear a short skirt and still be "cleaner" than some "devout" Hindu girls who throw themselves at guys.

Well, this, I agree very much with.

I had friends like this too.

They look clean on the outside, but inside of them - Nah, it's all dirty.

There's a simple and cliche lesson to learn here - Do not judge someone by his/her appearance.

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