Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BBQ party

Daryl and I

One of my dearest friends, Huishan!

This is neither forced nor a dare. Eunice Lee did it willingly on Daryl!

The 3 beauties LOL!

James and Enkai. Well I don't know what they're up to

I was made to rub a PAD on my face for Spin the Bottle. TOTAL RUBBISH!!

The Cake

Thank you Huijin for the cake.

Zanthel and I

My good friend who bought me a cake. Huijin!

Eunice trying a Yoga pose. LOL! CMI.

Standley and I

My Mom was there too! She bought beehoon and made salad for us!

Thanks Brendan and Enkai for the BBQing.

Lots more photos but well, that's it for now! Check out the photos on FB.
Thank You everyone for coming. :) Till then, we shall meet again next year!
My lips look a bit purplish because of the red I think

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