Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Treasure your reunion dinner this Chinese New Year

A joyous time, but is everyone happy?

Chinese New Year is always a joyous time when families gather around the table and have a proper reunion dinner.

It's a bit like the Christmas family gathering in the West, where families gather once a year to catch up, enjoy and be merry.

But this Chinese New Year, something struck my heart.

I was thinking about people in Singapore who would not be attending any reunion dinners.

Like that old man who lives alone in the one-room flat in Chinatown.

Like that orphan who lost her parents at the age of 4.

Like that old woman who picks cardboard boxes for a living and would be eating dinner alone on Chinese New Year's eve.

Like those old folks in the homes where their families have abandoned them.

Like that blind man who stays alone in his flat with his dog.

Like that overseas Singaporean student who stays in Australia, who will be cooking for herself on Chinese New Year eve.

Or that soldier who has been attached to Afghanistan who would be spending Chinese New Year alone.

This year, when we attend our reunion dinners and celebrate, will we also think about those people who are spending it alone?

Will we be thankful for our families and relatives?

Will we just sit in one corner during house visitation and play with our I-phones, PSP and ignore our relatives?

Make full use of this Chinese New Year to count your blessings.

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