Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hotel Room Service in..........Prisons!?

Image courtesy of The Straits Times

When you look at this photo above, what comes to your mind? Hotel room right? Comfort? Air-con?

You are WRONG. Apparently, this is the prison room of a rich Indonesian female convict, in Indonesia.


LOL. And this is not it. There's LCD screen, kitchen, sofas in the "prison" rooms. RICH inmates can even "book out" of the prison etc. (Refer to Jan 12, 2010 Straits Times, Page A16)

Well, money talks for some systems. Bribe the officials and you get nice comfy rooms in the prisons.

Ridiculous! Makes me laugh like mad!

Eh like that I also don't mind going to prison. The room looks better than MY ROOM!

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