Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Popiah

Chinese New Year is coming and every year my family will get together to "bao popiah" (wrap the chinese spring roll).

And only until this year I found out that "popiah" is actually a food unique to the Hokkien people. Its origins can be traced back to Fujian province where my Hokkien ancestors came from.

I am so slow!

"Popiah" has a soft skin (crepe-like) made from wheat flour and is usually accompanied by sweet sauce, bean sprouts, lettuce leaves, mashed up egg and grated peanut and turnip. If you like it spicy, you can also add a bit of chilli to it.

But the sad thing is, last Chinese New Year when Grandma passed away, there was no "popiah" party. Usually when Grandma was still around, all the relatives would gather at her house and wrap our own "popiah". Last year, this tradition suddenly disappeared. We did not even gather at her house.

I wonder if I would get to "bao popiah" again this Chinese New Year.

I certainly hope I can.


  1. hey i dunno who you are. but there are some people who i dont love. there are some people i love. :) those i dont love, there is a reason why i dont love them. and i will criticise them because they need to know what is wrong. :)

  2. just like how you are criticising me.