Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The human body is far from perfect

The human body is actually a very bad design. It's far from perfect and far from beautiful. Do you know?

Scientists have discovered many flaws in the human body and many things that are inferior to other animals.

1.There's a blind spot in the eye as the optic nerve that transit electrical signals to the brain, attached to the eye via the retina. If a camera engineer designed such a device, they would soon be out of a job.

2. Because we evolved to walk upright, our intestines are all tangled up and "crushed" which can cause a lot of intestinal problems. Unlike the animals, their guts hang from their spine.

The animal's intestines and organs are less "crushed" and tangled up

3. Wisdom teeth - Useless and cause a lot of pain and trouble. I AM EXPERIENCING THIS NOW. SIAN!

4. Our knees - They are not good enough to support the whole human weight. That is why humans have a lot of knee problems because we walk upright. Look at animals. They walk on all fours. Do they have knee problems?

5. Our chest and stomach are exposed to danger. Our chest and stomach house ALL the important organs. For animals that walk on four legs, all these organs are UNDERNEATH. Attackers have to take the tough spine out first, before taking the organs. For humans, our important organs stick out like a sore thumb for attackers.

Lioness taking out the spine first

6. The human body has no natural defenses against predators. Left in the wild alone with nothing, we can neither outrun a lion nor fend off an angry elephant. Our skin colour sticks out for every animal to spot us in the wild.

Natural defense - Camouflage

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  1. The important point to be keep in mind, the case seen as a failure in small picture are actually perfection in the big picture.