Saturday, January 30, 2010

ERP - Pay till you bleed.

Today I was walking around Bugis area.

So many ERPs. (By the way if you are a visitor from another country, ERP is Singapore's Electronic Road Pricing System. The government uses ERP to control the flow of traffic on certain roads to prevent traffic jams.)

And my friend and I counted - In less than a minute, about 30 cars passed under the gantry.

One car pays $2 to enter.

So that's $60 in less than a minute and about $360 in an hour.

Excuse me, but some of us only earn $5 an hour.

Teenager Mcdonalds' cashier - about $4 an hour. And Mcdonalds' is a multi-billion business.

Rich and poor. Rich - Mcdonalds' Poor - Me.

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