Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Doing good

I think everywhere we go, no matter here or abroad, we should always try to do good. Try to be kind, try to go the extra mile and try to stand in people's shoes.

I personally volunteered in an intellectually disabled and old folks' homes before. Really taught me a lot about patience and compassion.

As the Chinese saying goes -
人 之 初 性 本 善.

人 之 初 性 本 善 simply means at birth, humans are naturally good. It is human nature to want to do good.

In our lives NO ONE, (not even BOOKS) should teach us how to do good. We SHOULD be able to do good NATURALLY.

It is in OUR nature to want to do good. Why?

We do good simply because -

1. We know doing good benefits the human race as a whole. Even our animal cousins do good to each other. Doing good, helps the human race survive better than other species.

2. We love as a human race.

Also, when you do good, do not have any hidden agenda or ulterior motive. Just do good OUT of a pure heart, out of our soul. Don't expect anything at all.

Do not do good and think in your heart "Oh I want this result and that result. Oh I want this or that to happen to him because I helped him."

Just help because they need your help.

Help those who cannot return you anything.

Help those who are different from you.

Then you will truly find joy.

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