Sunday, January 10, 2010


Let's talk about discrimination today.

Today, unfortunately, there are some people who still practice discrimination.

As if the world is not violent, hateful enough, they discriminate people who are different from them.

Some people discriminate people of different race, culture or groups. And some of them discriminate and disallow people who have tattoos to come near. Some of them go to the extend of disallowing girls who wear shorts to be part of their group.

"You don't belong to us, cos you look different!!"

They disallow people who think differently from them. They don't want smokers near their "territory" and they don't want you to enter if you look different from them.

Sad but true.

It's been a few years already and things have not changed.

When we first came into the world as little kids, we were without discrimination. What happened to us?

When we were young, we were blind to colours, blind to differences. Why not leave it that way?

Stop teaching our children to discriminate. Stop discriminating. We might look different on the outside, we might not believe in the same thing, but who says we can't stand side by side and hand in hand?

When you chased her away, you showed us it's still the same old rubbish. And thanks to you, we knew we were right to take the exit.

Very nice advert about discrimination

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