Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bye World CUp


I am not a soccer fan. But on hearing the news that World Cup might not be coming to Singapore, I flared up.

Ok here's the case in a nutshell - Singtel and Starhub have been fighting for the rights to broadcast the matches. So FIFA takes this chance to JACK UP the price, and now it's kinda stuck cos' the price they quote is ridiculously high.

Fifa is believed to have asked for $100 MILLION for the entire package of 64 matches, which usually costs $40 million.

$100 MILLION. EH THANKS LAH Fifa. I thought you guys want sportsmanship and not money.

Seriously, Fifa is cashing in on the fight between Singtel and Starhub.

It's really quite ridiculous. Less affluent countries in South America or Africa get to watch World Cup and flithy rich Singaporeans are gonna miss out on it! HAHA!

Well, it doesn't really bother me cos' I can live without football.

But for those who worship their 11 man-idols on the field and the ball, too bad, World Cup might not come to Singapore if Fifa does not lower the price and if Singtel or Starhub will not budge.

Bye World Cup. It's ok Singapore can't get into World Cup in 2010 as promised, but now we can't even watch it.


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