Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ang pows!

Chinese New Year

What is the significance of giving 'ang pows' (red packets) during CNY?

Red in the Chinese culture represents good luck and is believed to drive away evil spirits.

CNY stems from a legend that a beast was driven away from the Chinese people because of the colour red.

Your parents always put $8, $8, $28 or $88 inside the ang pows. Why?

'8' (prounounced as 'Pa') in Mandarin rhymes with '发' (pronounced as 'Fa') which means to prosper. That is why we try to put $8 inside the ang pows.

Also the money inside must be in EVEN digits and not ODD digits because even digits are considered "pleasant looking" in Chinese culture.

So there you go. Understand your roots, your culture and your traditions!

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