Sunday, January 24, 2010

Abusive parents

Keep dangerous objects out of reach for kids, if you love them.

There was this article (I forgot which country) about abusive parenting I read about 6 years ago.

There was this couple who had a son (I'll call the son boyboy here cos' I don't wanna mention names). The article said they loved him a lot and always spent quality time with him.

When boyboy was about 4 years old, the parents always told him not to play with sharp objects.

To test his obedience the parents placed a knife on his bed. They knew for sure boyboy would have a high tendency to play with the knife on his bed, but they placed the knife there just to test if he was listening.

The parents hid in the rooms and looked at boyboy through a peep hole.

Boyboy went to his room, saw the knife and picked it up. Soon he was playing with it, acting like he was a power ranger.

All this while, the parents were watchin secretly.

They were angry that boyboy did not obey them but decided to watch what boyboy would do with the knife.

And after awhile, as they expected and knew, boyboy plunged the knife into his right eye and he began to wail and scream in pain.

And then the parents came out and scolded him for being disobedient, for playing with the knife, when it was them who placed the knife within boyboy's reach in the first place.

And the parents punished boyboy before sending him to the hospital.

But boyboy died from his injuries.

The parents? They were hailed as good parents in their own neighbourhood and were never convicted.

Sad huh?


  1. Meh, I know what you're getting at. This is the part I can't fathom either.

  2. hey colin,

    two conclusions - either the parents are evil and abusive parents, who deserve jail and punishment or this story is fake. :)