Friday, December 25, 2009

Top Friends of 2009

My family! They have been nagging at me to go to work. Well, that's cos' they don't really know what is happening! LOL. But it's ok they have been nice to me this whole year! This year after I left church, I really became a bit more closer to my siblings. We can talk more now!

Yelnats. This crazy guy always get me laughing at his strange actions and words. And he's very intelligent one ok. Very sharp. Well, he's nice cos he goes everywhere I go and accompanies me. Thanks buddy! And please make me laugh more.

Huijin. Since you moved to the FAR EAST, we have kinda stopped meeting. But well 2009 wouldn't have been that great without you too. And even though we don't meet, I know I can call you up and you will be there! Thanks for your $50 that time. LOL

Panuphan! Sorry I have to put your photo up because you are really a good friend. Thanks for talking to me and advising me about many things. You are really a nice guy!

James! Thanks for this year. You have been a friend whom I can count on. Thanks!

Melissa! This girl friend of mine. Well well. We came a long way ya? Haha! And now we are quite Ok friends. Thanks for crapping with me till late night and understanding what I am saying when no one else does. Cos' you have the "intellect" you know. LOL.

Looking at this photo, everyone should know why Eunice is my TOP FRIEND. LOL. She makes me laugh like nobody's business with her lame jokes. This girl even though she's young, she knows what she is saying. She is smart, street-wise and takes no nonsense! She's sincere too and I love being around her. You can just be real with her. Thanks Eunice for making me smile often.

Derrick shares many beliefs with me. And we can talk very well. Got to know him well only these few months but we pretty hit it off. He's nice. And while other 16 year olds are still playing with computer games, he is already learning a lot about life! Thanks Derrick for being there and your treats!

Zanthel. One of the first few friends I confide to about one of my problems. Thanks Zan for hanging out and joking. And always "LENDING" us your condo space for us to hang out. Talk soon!

Jaslyn! Nice girl to party with. Our friendship too went a long way back. From this quiet girl I knew from afar, now, we have become much closer. Thanks Jaslyn for helping me sometimes. You know what you helped me with. THANKS!

Hey Huishan! One of the people who kinda opened my eyes about "life". She has taught me in her little ways that life is not what we all think it is. There's so much more out there! And this girl is fun, cool and nice to chill out with. Huishan, thanks for offering to help so many times.

Lastly. Myself. Well why myself? Hey we have to love ourselves before others can LEARN to love us. Thank you myself for going through the rain with myself. Thanks for enduring with me. And I love myself. People out there, love yourselfs today!

Other people I wanna thank are Jerene, Kenny, Jinfa, Alex and many more. Thanks. It has been a great year with you guys.

They always say "If we leave, we will mess up our lives and will never survive. Apparently they were wrong because I am alive and well and so are my friends."

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