Tuesday, December 29, 2009


did this post while in Westmall Library. retarded.

Just some thoughts after thinking about some things.

Sometimes love aka "the right person" comes, but it is just not the right timing.

Everything seems right. The touch, the feeling, the look in the eyes.

But time plays a trick on us.

The ironic thing is, when love comes, you just cannot help but fall into it, even when it's the wrong timing.

You never thought that you would like him/her but the moment he/she makes you feel that there can be no distance between 2 people, you realise you have been loving him/her.

But again, it's just the wrong timing.

Timing is important.

So what if everything works?

Wrong time means wrong time lah.

Like this pair of lovers, it's just a tragic end when the timing is wrong.

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