Wednesday, December 9, 2009

They can try to kill you but they cannot take that away from you

In times of trouble, you see that you are being refined by the circumstances.

You are being refined like gold, under fire. You are being chiseled, being chipped off to become a piece of fine art.

In times of trouble, many people will come and try to break you down but don't allow them to succeed or let it hang over you.

They will try to make you feel like you don't matter in this world at all.

But know that they can try, but they cannot take your life away.

Keep pressing on. I will and you should too.

The darkness will fade one day and dawn will be near.

They can do anything they want to you, that is if you let them inside your heart.

But if you push them aside and learn that there's an inner peace in your soul, you won't be afraid of anyone or anything.

Again I say, they can try, but they can never kill your soul nor mine.

They can say anything about you they want and they do try very hard to pull you down, but you must refuse to fall and sail out of their reach.

And in the end, you know you will be the one who will surface out victorious.

That is the survival instinct and the human spirit.

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