Thursday, December 10, 2009


One of the most important values of humanity is EQUALITY.

We are all equal. No one is more "superior" than the other. No one culture/race/creed is "better" than the other. All good humans will teach peace, love and kindness.

And equality is what makes our world a better place, a safer place and a more civilised place.

More importanly, equality allows diversity and equality respects the differences between us.

Look at the pictures below and see if you know what activity/culture it is!

Taiwanese pop culture - Wang Lee Hom

China rice farmer - Your food comes from this place


Tai Chi

American pop culture - American rapper, Pitbull

Mongolian hunters using eagles to hunt

Russian troops

Singapore - beach party

Japanese - Spring festival


Chinese during Chinese New Year

The colours of the African tribes

The Moslems


Can you imagine if the whole world was just Chinese OR if the whole world was just Americans?

I won't even want the whole world to be atheists! That would be so boring!

We would all speak the same, behave the same, do the same things and there won't be anything interesting!

Because our world is different, and we have THOUSANDS of races and cultures, we need to teach our children about equality, lest we kill each other because of our differences.

I love my world, not because everyone is like me, but because everyone is different from me!

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