Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Walking upright

Walking UPRIGHT itself is a miracle and took MILLIONS of years for the human species to perfect it. And most of the time, we take walking upright for granted.

Our ancestors, the "Australopithecus" were the FIRST species of apes to walk upright like us, a few millions years ago. - Video on the right - Walking with beasts documentary.

The first species of apes to walk upright, our ancestor

Ethiopia, Africa is the place of the cradle of evolution for mankind.

When I look at our ancestors a few millions years back, I don't feel ashamed or disgusted.

I feel very proud of them. I feel proud to be human.

I admire my ancestors that they have become the fittest of all species and climbed up to the top of the food chain.

Today we are no longer prey. We are predators.

Random Question - "If we share a common ancestor with apes, why aren't we hairy like them?"

Answer - Europeans, Americans, Indians are generally quite hairy. Also, there are species of dogs which are not as hairy as others. But they are still a species of dogs. Same for humans and apes. We might look a bit different on the surface, but we share a common ancestor when we look at the bone structure, DNA, fossil findings and behaviour.

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