Monday, December 21, 2009

Meaning of this thai song resonates with me

I am so โง่ (nor, "stupid" in Thai)

Your love, that voice that told me you cared.

Your hand, that touches my forehead whenever I'm sick.

Every scene, every episode has never faded.

No matter how much time has passed.

I am more stupid than anyone else.

Had true love, but I failed to take care of it.

And by the time I realised, it's too late already.

Pieced together like before

Pictures that were torn before

But our paths. Can we extend it?

Or must I accept this?

Every scene, every episode continues to emphasize what I've become

Ever since I lost you

That I am more stupid than anyone else

Had true love but couldn't take care of it

Whenever I think of reverting the story

I can only dream

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