Friday, December 18, 2009

Life is cycle

thecitymadcat tells you "Life is a cycle. Don't worry."

Sometimes our life's like a drought. Everything dies. Flowers fail to bloom. The leaves shrivel up and fruits rot. Animals and all living creatures get snuffed out.

At that moment, we feel so heartbroken, lost and in despair.

And we are left all alone.

I am 24 and these things don't only happen to angsty teenagers. Droughts happen to adults too and anyone.

But the amazing thing about life is - Life is a cycle.

Nothing special. Life IS a cycle.

Death comes and life emerges. Kings reign and kings fall. Sorrows come but happiness is just around the corner. The drought will not last forever.

How amazing.

It's 3 am now and 3 am is the darkest time of the night. Just wait for another 2 hours. Soon we will see the first gleaming rays of life over the horizon.

We do not need to wait too long.

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