Friday, December 4, 2009

I went to 3 places to pick love seeds - Bishan Park, St Andrew's Cathedral and Bt Timah.

And I only collected more than 150 seeds. What's wrong with the trees in Singapore? Not bearing? Probably because of too much pollution. LOL.

An ancient chinese poem mentioning the love seeds -

The red bean grows in southern lands,
With spring its slender tendrils twine,
Gather for me some more, I pray,
Of fond remembrance 'tis the sign.

(Translated by W. J. Fletcher, 1918)

Don't scorn and laugh at chinese poems and chinese culture if you are a Singaporean chinese. Our ancestors came from China and came a long way. Chinese culture is more than 5000 years old.

No I am not madly in love. Just curious about these seeds.

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